If you don’t want to spend too much time reading the Grand History of the Realms, you can read a summary of events which are more local to our campaign area. Please note that many of the world-shaking, earth-shattering events are not summarized here.

–21400 DR
Establishment of the green elf settlements of Thearnytaar (present-day Thornwood).

–21000 DR
Establishment of the green elf settlements of Eiellûr (present-day Winterwood).

–17500 DR
The independent sylvan elf realms of Thearnytaar, Eiellûr, and Syòrpiir open discussions about unifying the elves of the Satyrwwod (present-day Thornwood/Chondalwood).

–11000 DR
Taark Shanat the Crusader and his eight sons, lead a great exodus of dwarves out of Bhaerynden to a new kingdom in the west. These emigrants eventually become known as shield dwarves and establish the great empire of Shanatar beneath the lands of Amn, Tethyr, Calimshan, and the Lake of Steam.

–5800 DR
The nation of Jhaamdath is born when human settlements north of the Chondalwood unit under the Dath Dynasty and its greatest psionic warrior, Jhaam. Jhaamdath eventually meets Coramshan near the Lake of Steam, and the two empires struggle for centuries over control of this area.

–5005 DR
Coramshan and Jhaamdath declare a truce, and both nations abandon their claims to the Lake of Steam.

c. –5000 DR
The colony of Ankhapur is founded by settlers from Jhaamdath.

–1900 DR
The Caltazar Hills come under regular attack from the beholder nations around and beneath the Lake of Steam.

–1428 DR
Calimport falls with the death of Syl-Pasha Violir Cajaan IX, and beholders rule the ruined city of Calimport and its vassal empire. Qyraaptir the Bloodeye, a beholder-mage of frightening power, claims the Pasha’s Throne. Beholders now rule all major settlements throughout Calimshan, Iltkazar and the Lake of Steam.

–1402 DR
Qyraaptir the Bloodeye and its beholder forces fall or flee before the Drakhon priests and their allied human soldiers. Calimport is the first city freed of beholder domination, and Calimshan is free of beholder rulers within three years, thanks to the rule of the Drakhon pashas. The beholders retreat to their strongholds beneath the Alimir Mountains and along the Lake of Steam.

–1400 DR
The attacks on the Caltazar Hills by the beholder nations of the Lake of Steam end.

–1080 DR
End of the wars between Calimshan and the beholder nations of the Alimir Peninsula with the victory at Mintar. The Pasha’s Throne at Calimport now rules from the Sword Coast to Mintar. The increased trade and influence sees Calimport nearly double in size (to nearly the size of present-day Waterdeep).

c. –1050 DR
The Lake of Steam beholders are slowly driven underground again by Calimshan’s navy between this time and –680 DR. Infrequent, tentative trade begins with Chult and the Tashalar.

–691 DR Year of Stolen Fire
Calimshan begins colonizing the coast of the Lake of Steam beyond the Alimir peninsula. The original plans were to take over the area as conquerors, but many are settled as places for refugees fleeing Calimshan proper and the irregular but terrifying Night Wars.

–446 DR Year of Treasured Moments
Calimshan’s dominance of the Lake of Steam and the Shining Sea comes to an end with the near total destruction of the Calishite Armada in Calimport’s harbor. The resulting fires destroy over 70 percent of the city as winds carry sparks and flames to the wooden domes of many buildings.

c. –250 DR
Calimshan, under Syl-Pasha Faud yn Orun el Evyrtaan, reclaims some small areas and towns among the Arnaden lands of the Lake of Steam, now that Jhaamdath’s control on these lands has fallen along with its primary cities.

–182 DR Year of Sleeping Giants
Calimshan, in its attempts to reconquer its old territories around the Lake of Steam and the Shaar, discovers that the old threat of the beholders has risen again. Beholders and their cultists control the majority of territory east of Statue of the planetar Resounding Justice Ankhapur and are now pushing their forces west (or immediately up and out of the Alimir Mountains) in retaliation against the Calishite invasions.

–167 DR Year of Sudden Kinship
The beholders occupy Volothamp and Schamedar by year’s end, though their entrenchment within eastern Calimshan overextends their reach, and the beholders lose control of Ankhapur, one of their largest surface strongholds.

731 DR Year of Visions
The Ring of Eyes, a group of beholders and beholder cultists originally from the Lake of Steam, destroys the ruling house of Cortryn and conquers its territories. The elves of Shilmista fight the Ring constantly from this year until the Ring’s end in 757 DR.

1056 DR Year of the Laughing Dead
The lich Anthilar 285 of ruined Unticzer appears in Tashluta and unmasks the leading oligarch as a yuan-ti abomination in disguise. In the tumult the lich is incapacitated and imprisoned in a massively armored metal “lich’s coffin.” Anthilar’s body is subsequently shipped north for study by the senior priests of the Skullspire in Tulmon.

1101 DR Year of the Maelstrom
The city of Treshla, north of Saelmur and the Lake of Steam, is destroyed by a group of beholders from the nearby Thornwood.

1358 DR Year of Shadows
Silvanus is seen roaming in Winterwood and the heart of the Chondalwood. He also reportedly provides his special blessing to the island of Ilighôn, home of the Emerald Enclave and his Chosen.

1362 DR Year of the Helm
The Knights of the Black Gauntlet 1370 seize power in the city-state of Mintar on the Lake of Steam.

1370 DR Year of the Tankard
The Knights of the Black Gauntlet of Mintar seize the town of Kzelter in far southeastern Tethyr. Tethyr’s armies regroup in Ithal Pass.

1373 DR Year of the Rogue Dragons
Dark Sister Sefris Uuthrakt, a Disciple of the Dark Moon, arrives in the Border Kingdoms city of Oeble in search of the Black Bouquet, a tome of great importance to the Lady of Loss.

1374 DR Year of Lightning Storms
A plague known as “the blush” appears in Logfell, a village north of the Qurth Forest in the Border Kingdoms.
Morgynn the blood magus’s attempts to take over the towns surrounding Qurth Forest are defeated by a ghostwalker named Quinsareth.

1380 DR Year of the Blazing Hand
The canal linking the Lake of Steam and the Nagaflow River is finally completed, linking the Sea of Fallen Stars and the western oceans.


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