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The Present Age (oft called the Era of Upheaval) has been a troubled one for Faerûn as cataclysm has followed cataclysm. Beginning with the Time of Troubles in 1358, followed by the Return of Netheril in 1374, and culminating in the Spellplague which began in 1385, Faerûn has seen much change.

However, the Spellplague was not the culmination of upheaval. The years from 1401 to 1457 are called the Calamitous Years, and what happened during that time is a very great mystery since all historical records from that time have vanished. Even the gods are silent on the matter. Just as mysterious, many of the gods who existed before that time are dead, changed, or considered “missing”. (Many churches are silent on this matter as well.)

Following the end of the Calamitous Years was a time of chaos as states and churches recovered and tried to determine what had happened. It took over 25 years for all the fallout to resolve itself. Life goes on, and the peoples of Abeir-Toril have begun to recover.

It is currently DR 1489. The Realms are beginning to prosper once more, and it appears that the Era of Upheaval has come to an end.

All of the above can be IC knowledge for any PC. Below is OON knowledge for you, the player. Your PC may know some of what follows.

For the most part, this Campaign will use the Grand History of the Realms as a reliable historical document. It may not be 100% accurate, but it’s definitely “good enough for government work”. After that, I will draw upon 4th and 5th editions as well as my own thoughts for what has happened.

Here are a few points which I will share up front:

  • PC creation guidelines can be found here.
  • An abbreviated timeline can be found here.
  • The campaign map is a modified 4th edition map of the Realms. It can be seen here.
  • While the Spellplague has ended, some Plaguelands still exist. One can only be corrupted by Plaguemagic by either traveling through Plaguelands or certain kinds of contact with a corrupted individual.
  • Many of the deities are gone. To see a list of who is left, click here.
  • The campaign will center on the Lake of Steam area. This may include the Border Kingdoms, and – possibly – some neighboring areas.
  • The Campaign will be set in Ankhapur, in the Court of King Janol IV Famisso. Your PC does not have to be one seeking power and/or wealth, but you should build a tie into the court, government, or a powerful mercantile organization somehow.
  • PCs will know each other (or know of each other) at campaign start. This can be worked out ahead of time or during the first session.

Everyone has access to edit PCs and the Wiki. Please do so carefully.

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Main Page

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