Character Creation

Source Material

Players have access to the following sources for PCs:

  1. PHB
  2. Player’s Companion (from Elemental Evil which can be downloaded here)
  3. Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide (abbreviated as SCAG)
  4. Volo’s Guide to Monsters (abbreviated as VGM), as detailed and limited below
  5. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (abbreviated as XGE), as detailed and limited below
  6. Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes (abbreviated as ToF), as detailed and limited below (FYI: very limited)
  7. Unearthed Arcana playtest material (with prior approval. Most of this can be found here. I cannot promise that the list will always be complete.) Please note: Action points will NOT be used. Additional Note: UA material updated in subsequent books will not be available to use for play as the material in the book will take precedence.
  8. Some options below reference the DMG. The DMG may only be used for these options.


  1. PCs will be created using the point buy system on page 13. Ability scores will not be rolled. PCs have 28 points instead of the usual 27.
  2. No PC may start with a modified score higher than 17.
  3. Your PC will be 1st level with 0 XP.
  4. You begin with maximum HP for your class. When you gain a level, you gain HP equal to an average die roll, rounded up (d6=4, d8=5, etc.).

Races & Subraces

The following races/subraces are allowed:

  1. Players are encouraged (but not required) to choose Faerunian ethnicities (or mixes of ethnicities) for their PCs. As the Lake of Steam has seen various peoples move in from different areas, there are few people with a single ethnicity. The most common ethnicities in the Lake of Steam are of Calishite and Chondathan (with just a little bit more Calishite). People of Tethyrian descent are probably third. Mulani, Chultan, and Durpari are rare in the area, but they are here as well.
  2. Humans may use either variant in the PHB.
  3. Humans in this region are particularly hardy. In addition to the traits in the PHB, they have +1 Con. It is possible but not allowed for a human PC to have a starting Con score of 18.

This race is not allowed.

Aasimar are very rare in the South, but they are allowed. However, they are restricted to the DMG version. The Far Traveler or Exile/Expatriate background is required.

This race is not allowed.

Dragonborn are very rare in the South. The Far Traveler or Exile/Expatriate backgrounds are strongly recommended.


  1. In this setting, Hill Dwarves are called Shield Dwarves. They are allowed.
  2. In this setting, Mountain Dwarves are called Gold Dwarves. They are rare in the Lake of Steam area, but are allowed.
  3. Duergar is a playable race in this campaign, but they must take the Exile/Expatriate background.


  1. Dark Elf is NOT a playable subrace in this campaign.
  2. The “High Elf” in the PHB will be the Sun Elf (Gold Elf) of the Faerun setting. They are very uncommon in the South, so the Far Traveler or Exile/Expatriate background are recommended (but not required).
  3. “Moon Elf” (a.k.a. Silver elf, Gray elf) is an alternate version of high elf. Moon Elves gain +1 Charisma instead of +1 Intelligence. Moon Elves are relatively rare in the South, although not as rare as Gold Elves.
  4. Wood Elves (a.k.a. Forest elf, Wild elf) are allowed.
  5. Sea Elves are allowed.
  6. The Star Elf is an even rarer variant of the High Elf. See the Eladrin entry in the DMG pg 286. Background must be Far Traveler. As Feywild elves are virtually non-existent in this part of the world, Eladrin options from ToF are NOT available.
  7. FYI: Realms canon has always stated that an elf with mixed parentage wholly inherits traits and appearance from only one parent. We will use this traditional interpretation of “elven genetics”. Additionally, as the elven history from ToF is a departure from previous additions, I am not using any of the cosmology from that book. Thus, Shadar-Kai and the Blessed or Corellon options are not available.

This race is not allowed.

All variants of this race from the Player’s Companion are allowed.

This race is not allowed.


  1. All PHB subraces are allowed.
  2. Svirfneblin (Deep gnomes) are not allowed

This race is not allowed.

This race is not allowed.


  1. All PHB subraces are allowed.
  2. Ghostwise Halflings from SCAG are allowed as the Chondalwood is not far from the area upon which we will focus.

Half-Elf variants from SCAG are allowed.

There are no Half-Orc variants at this time; however, if they are ever introduced, they will be considered. This may allow a player to tweak his race.

This race is not allowed.

This race is not allowed.

This race is not allowed.

This race is not allowed.

This race is not allowed.

This race is not allowed.


  1. Tieflings are very rare in the chosen region. While this race is allowed, you must take the Far Traveler or Exile/Expatriate background.
  2. Tiefling options from ToF are NOT allowed.
  3. The Tiefling variants from SCAG are allowed with the following modification:
  4. Winged Tiefling: this ability functions for 2 rounds and can be used once per short or long rest. At 5th level, the ability functions for 10 minutes and can be used once per short or long rest. At 9th level, this functions twice per short or long rest. At 13th level, this functions three times per short or long rest. At 18th level, this functions as per the description in SCAG.

This race is allowed, however, it is strongly suggested that you take the expatriate background. Role-playing reasons for being in the king’s court in Ankhapur are also strongly encouraged.

Yuan-Ti Pureblood
You have two options for Yuan-Ti. You may use the version found here or the version found in Volo’s Guide to Monsters.


All paths from the PHB are allowed. The same is true for paths from SCAG. The Death Domain from the DMG is allowed, but the Oathbreaker Paladin path is not. I have also added some new domains which can be found here:
Elemental Domain
Luck Domain
Moon Domain

Some additional Paths may be found at the links below:
Sacred Fist

Some clarifications & additional options on Pact of the Chain warlocks may be found here.


All backgrounds from PHB & SCAG are allowed. The Haunted One background is also allowed (use the updated version from Wizards website as opposed to the one in Curse of Strahd).

Additionally, the following background is allowed:

You have left your home nation behind; perhaps you left of your own volition or were “asked” to leave. Or perhaps you are a refugee. In any case, you are alone in a strange land, possibly trying to fit in yet always an outsider.
Skill Proficiencies: Insight, one additional skill of choice
Tool Proficiencies: Artisan’s tools (one type), Vehicle (one type)
Seasoned Traveler
You have become more comfortable than most when dealing with the travails of travel. It seems that no matter where you go, you can find shelter, access to food and medicines, and basic equipment. You are also aware of the many rules & customs associated with travel, including how to behave aboard ship, how to deal with caravan masters, ship captains, merchant traders, etc. You may not always get them to see your point of view, but they will not dismiss you out of hand.

Finally, players may create custom backgrounds and submit them for approval. If you choose to do this, please create a wiki page and link it to this page. (For help creating a page, click the help page.)


I have three basic rules for alignment:

  1. Evil alignments are not allowed.
  2. Actions have consequences. Neutral & chaotic alignments do not mean you can act without consequence. Break laws, and lawmen may pursue you. If you kill the pursuing lawmen, expect the next group to come after you to be tougher, and do not expect them to want to take you alive if you resist. As I said, actions have consequences.
  3. The most important rule of Alignment: don’t use it as an excuse to be a dick. The GM reserves the right to hold court, with the players as jury, for anyone acting like a dick. Dicks will be hung, drawn, and quartered. You have been warned.

Additionally, while religions are not tied to alignment, the worship or evil deities is not allowed in this campaign.

Starting Equipment

You may purchase any item from the PHB except potions at start.


Ankhapur has several established religions. They can be found here. Your PC can be a member of a different religion, but in terms of roleplay and gameplay, these ones will be more prominent. You can, if you really wish, be a cleric of a dead god. See the feats section for more on that.

Character Creation

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