Ankhapur is the city-state on the northern shore of the Lake of Steam which has come to dominate the region over the past decades.

The city is ruled by the Famisso family, and the young Janol IV is the ruling monarch. In his early 20s and unmarried, Janol’s court is packed with noble families trying to place one of their daughters as the Princess-Consort (the title Queen is only used for a ruling Famisso female).

Ankhapur has long held dominance over the few communities north of the city (along the Thornwash) as well as the towns between the city and the Ankhwood. Following the Spellplague, the city also came to rule Saelmur and Derlusk, turning it from a medium-sized city state into a small nation, albeit one without a true national identity yet.

Ankhapur’s ambitions for uniting the Lake of Steam are currently held in check by Mintar and Tulmon. Mintar is ruled by the Church of Bane and has had many conflicts with Ankhapur over the last few decades. This city, powerful for its size, and Ankhapur always seem to be on the verge of war.

Tulmon, while always having a cool but peaceful relationship with Ankhapur, still checks Ankhapurian ambition due to its ruler. This city is currently ruled by the somewhat reclusive sorcerer Arkanuirr Tchallem, who has ruled for 387 years.

Unmentioned above but worthy of mention is Yeshpek, the last major city on the shores of the Lake of Steam. This mining and industrious port city at the base of the Alamir Mountains sits between Tulmon and Mintar. Its fortifications and proximity to Tulmon has kept it free of Mintaran rule (but Mintaran influence grows there). Ankhapur has a diplomatic presence in the city, and the relationship between Ankhapur and Yeshpek is friendly. The city is ruled by the Council of Captains. The Council is comprised of wealthy merchanter captains, powerful mercenary company captains, and the Commodore who runs the city’s small navy.


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