Pact of the Chain

Below, you can find some additional options for Pact of the Chain Warlocks. As I have added more options, I have also added some additional limitations.

Crawling Claw

Crawling claws will only serve Undying Warlocks. A crawling claw can wear and attune to one magic ring. You gain the benefit of the ring when you are within 5 feet of your familiar, and it is not incapacitated or dead.

Lantern Archon

Lantern archons will only serve good-aligned Celestial warlocks.



A warlock that chooses to create a homunculus familiar permanently loses 1HP as the homunculus contains a small spark of the warlock’s life force. While the homunculus is within 10 feet, you have advantage on saves versus poison and charm effects and are resistant to poison. Due to the expensive nature of the components, it costs double to summon this familiar.


Gazers will only serve Great Old One warlocks of LN or LE alignment.


An imp will serve anyone who is not chaotic in alignment. PCs can use the sidebar from the MM. PCs can use the sidebar from the MM.


A psuedodragon will serve anyone who is not evil in alignment. PCs can use the sidebar from the MM.


A quasit will serve anyone who is not lawful in alignment. PCs can use the sidebar from the MM.

Radiant Mephit

A radiant mephit will serve any Celestial warlock.



A sprite will serve any non-evil Fey pact warlock. Additionally, the sprite’s poison DC is equal to your spell save DC.


A tressym will serve any non-lawful warlock that is trained in Animal Handling.



Undying warlocks that choose a familiar from the list on PHB page 240 can choose to have a zombified, undead form of that creature (instead of celestial, fey, or fiend). The creature gains the following abilities:

  • Turn immunity.
  • Immunity to poison damage and the following conditions: charmed, exhaustion, poisoned, unconscious
  • The zombie’s undead fortitude
    Finally, the zombified familiar does not need to eat, breath, or sleep. It may use its master’s insight, perception, and investigation skills even when the master is unconscious so long as both are on the same plane. If the familiar is destroyed while the master is sleeping, the master is woken as if he had taken damage.

Pact of the Chain

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